Intercultural understanding and awareness is an important way to build cultural competence to ensure that a business, organization and/or individual can be effective and successful worldwide.

We assist you by offering a framework of thinking which allows you to independently recognize, understand and deal with intercultural situations so you can use cultural knowledge as your competitive advantage.

Using a combination of theory, case studies, simulations and group interaction, we assist you to develop strategies, policies and practices that combine strategic alignment and local sense.

For more information on the model we use, the Hofstede 6-D model, developed by Prof. Hofstede, please visit the Hofstede Insights website.

To visualize your own cultural preferences and make potential cultural pitfalls visible, try the Hofstede Insights cultural survey Culture Compass.

Please contact us to find out how we can help you locally as well as globally with in-house seminars, training, coaching or even keynote speeches for one of your events.