Hofstede Insights’ workshop for our leadership team provided a powerful tool (Hofstede’s 6D framework) and range of very practical insights that will enable our leaders to integrate their newly acquired intercultural competencies in our practices, our processes and our strategy.  I recommend Hofstede Insights’ services to any organisation working in an international environment.  Andy Billings (VP Profitable Creativity at Electronic Arts, California)


Thank you for your brilliant speech at our 2018 annual conference in Leeds. Seeing people with their mouths open and realizing that so much that they have presumed was wrong was just fantastic.  Bill Barton (Director and former president of the Leeds Law Society, Director of Barton Legal, UK)


Misunderstandings occur easily when running a business in a highly multicultural environment like Luxembourg.  The intercultural training and tools provided by Hofstede Insights contribute significantly to the success of our teams and to their well-being. They enable us to move beyond simple awareness to true understanding of different mindsets and enable us to develop more effective relationships with our customers and partners.
Delphine Houliat (HR Director Tralux, Luxembourg)